About Us

Here at IVP, we talk about the Enneagram a lot. As the publisher of The Road Back to You and The Path Between Us, we were digging into this ancient tool even before the wider Christian culture began to notice. As we clamored to learn more, we brought in our author (and Enneagram master teacher) Suzanne Stabile for a private workshop for all of our employees. During the lively water cooler conversations that ensued, we realized that we couldn’t find an Enneagram website specifically for Christians. Shouldn’t there be one central place to find resources and articles that help us (and others) advance on our journey toward wholeness and God? We knew the answer—and so the idea for Enneagram Today was born: to be a curated collection of Enneagram resources and articles for evangelical Christians.

How We Curate Content

Our goal is to curate content for Christians in all walks of life and at every step of the spiritual journey. This means that many denominational and faith perspectives within Christianity will be represented. Our intent is to offer Christians a variety of Enneagram resources, covering many theological viewpoints. As the popularity of the Enneagram increases, so do the number of related resources, tests, and materials, so we recognize that our list of resources is not exhaustive. Instead we’ve tried to focus on what we think best reflects the ongoing conversation and breadth of content on the Enneagram that exists today.

Who We Are

Long before the release of our bestselling title The Road Back to You, IVP has been leading the way in publishing books in the contemplative space for evangelical Christians. Our IVP Formatio line of books, which originated in 2006, includes books on spiritual formation and practices from renowned authors like Dallas Willard, Ruth Haley Barton, Richard Foster, and more. These books follow the rich tradition of the church in the journey of spiritual formation, integrating God’s word with spiritual practices and prompting readers to move from inward change to outward witness. With our know-how and connections to well-respected teachers of the Enneagram, we thought we’d be a perfect fit for collecting valuable resources on this time-tested spiritual tool.

In addition to publishing for spiritual formation, IVP also has a rich legacy of listening to ancient Christian voices and learning from their wisdom. For example, our Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series, first published in 1998, includes the teachings of many ancient founders of the faith. There is wisdom in the Enneagram, too, and we want to help you find it!

If you have questions, recommendations, or article ideas, feel free to reach out to our team at enneagramtoday@ivpress.com.