Social Media Accounts

The Enneagram has spread like wildfire on social media, and many accounts offer both thoughtful and funny Enneagram content. This curated list highlights a few of our favorite Enneagram accounts for you to follow on Instagram. Of course, you can follow us at @enneagramtoday for the latest articles from this site plus bonus content from some of our featured resources.


Follow @enneagramtoday to stay up to date on our articles  with bonus content from our featured resources.


Follow @justmyenneatype for quotes, tips, and inspiration for growth in Enneagram wisdom.


Follow @enneagramandcoffee for both light-hearted and deeper conversations on the Enneagram.


Follow @xoenneagram for beautiful images, mindfulness tips, and growth-oriented Enneagram posts.


Follow @yourenneagramcoach for Christian Enneagram wisdom for life, relationships, and spiritual growth.


Follow @enneagramenthusiast for uplifting, God-centered messages and inspiration for all the Enneagram types.


Follow @socialenneagram for some brightly-color-coded goodness on how the Enneagram applies to daily life.


Follow @enneagramashton for type-specific content and Enneagram wisdom for growth and inspiration.


Follow @modern.enneagram for tangible ways to become more self-aware, mindful, and compassionate.


Follow @enneagram.life for thoughtful, in-depth teachings from a certified Enneagram coach.


Follow @enneagrameverything for bright and engaging Enneagram content geared toward growth.


Follow @menneagram for inspirational Christian quotes and wisdom related to the Enneagram.


Follow @christinaswilcox for cheerful original illustrations on a wide variety of Enneagram topics.


Follow @enneagramandmarriage for relationship advice and coaching from a Christian counselor.


Follow @ninetypesco for fresh Enneagram insight and coaching for yourself or your team.