Merchandise & Fun

Whether you want a coffee mug, a t-shirt, a necklace, or a beautiful poster print, you can find almost any item imaginable designed with Enneagram themes. Here you’ll find just a small selection of merchandise we’ve seen about the Enneagram.

Enneagram Magazine

Enneagram Magazine is a beautiful print publication that will help you slow down and engage in growth with Enneagram wisdom in both written and visual forms. Order their current issue now for thoughtful stories, journal prompts, and resources.

Sleeping at Last Enneagram Album

Listen to nine unique songs written for and about each Enneagram type by singer-songwriter, producer, and composer Ryan O’Neal, who goes by the moniker Sleeping at Last.

Enneagram Coffee

Created by professional coffee roasters, Enneagram Coffee offers nine unique, high-quality coffee profiles that represent each Enneagram type.

Enneagram & Coffee

From podcaster Sarajane Case of @EnneagramandCoffee, this shop features several styles of mugs catered to each Enneagram type.

Third Coast Paper

Collaborating with the popular Instagram account @justmyenneatype, Third Coast Paper features Enneagram prints, posters, and more.

The Giving Keys Enneagram Key Necklace

The Enneagram Classic Key necklace from The Giving Keys is unique for each type and supports those transitioning out of homelessness.

The Enneagram Coloring Book

Use The Enneagram Coloring Book to learn more about the Enneagram emotionally, mentally, and kinesthetically while you practice mindfulness and creativity.

The Happy Givers

At The Happy Givers you’ll find clothes, mugs, bags, stickers, and more for each Enneagram type. Plus 100% of their profits go to their non-profit projects.

Watercolor Enneagram

Watercolor Enneagram will make you a completely custom abstract watercolor print based on your unique combination of type, wing, and subtype.