How Each Enneagram Type Is Struggling (and Thriving) During the Pandemic

How Each Enneagram Type Is Struggling (and Thriving) During the Pandemic

Jill E. McCormick at Relevant shares how each Enneagram type may be struggling, developing unhealthy habits, or even growing spiritually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How is your Enneagram type struggling and thriving during this crazy season? How can you continue to grow in grace? What does it look like to become more fully yourself in a season of shelter-in-place and quarantine? Have you formed any unhealthy habits? How can you be kinder yourself during this pandemic?

The Eights: The Challengers

There is nothing Eights like less than being told what to do and that’s exactly what’s happening in this pandemic. Your movement of where to go is restricted and your options of what to buy at Target are limited.

To cope, you may feel like you can make up your own rules because you don’t agree with the rules in place or deny the news you don’t like. If the experts say to limit your movement, you’re going to the grocery store once a day.

You also are focused on controlling what you can, like your schedule and routines.

This is also a tremendous time for growth as God slowly and gently teaches you about His sovereignty and matchless power. This is the perfect time to really learn, way down deep into your bones, that He holds the whole world together and you don’t have to.

You’re struggling in three areas.

You’re struggling with the reality that you have limited freedom right now and feeling out of control.

Your MO in life is to live big, but you’re not able to live that way. There are no good restaurants to enjoy, challenging conversations to start, travel to exotic locations. You feel stuck and suffocated.

You struggle with the fact that life feels so boring and that you’re stuck in the minutiae of daily life. Dishes. Cleaning toilets. Folding laundry. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You feel the full force of a lack of an outlet.

And as a likely extrovert, you miss people. It’s no fun to verbally spar with yourself. You need your people to enjoy a good drink over chips and salsa.

You may have formed these three unhealthy habits.

Brainstorming projects to stay busy because you can’t stand doing nothing. Being in control of a project at least keeps the boredom at bay and keeps your hands busy.

You’re focused on tasks more than people. People are unpredictable and messy while tasks are controllable and don’t hold you back.

And finally, staying up too late, believing that you have no limits and that your body doesn’t need the rest doctors tell you it does.

But you’re also thriving.

You are a generous protector and ally. When you see a need, you have the energy, ability and charisma to get people what they need by using the resources at your disposal.

You care about others. You will help and serve as best you can for as long as you can.

So how can you offer yourself grace right now? What are some practical things you can do?

Spend time alone to critically think about how you can help and who you can help. Instead of rushing into a situation, analyze it and think through the best way to marshal your resources.

Acknowledge that you are a tremendous advocate for others and you have a gift. Harness your gift for good.

Memorize Philippians 4:19: “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”